What to pack in your hospital bag for labor


For women who already have had a baby, the process of preparing for the new baby becomes easier. The first-time mothers, however, are rightfully daunted by the entire ordeal.

While all aspects of your life are just as new for you, knowing what to pack for in your hospital bag for labor can be understandably overwhelming.

Since you don’t have a reference point of the event, your brain does not exactly know what is pragmatic, and what is extra. You also don’t want to take a chance and miss something important.

You might also not know if you are going to have c-section, or it will be natural birth. While in some cases where the procedure is elective and you have it sorted with your gynecologist doctor in Karachi, other times, it may be decided at labor.

Hence, preparing for all circumstances is essential. After all, the baby does not drop an email before coming, and preparing, in due time, is important.

The baby’s hospital bag

The baby’s bag is simple; get their clothes, cap, swaddle, diapers, bottle, towels. If the weather demands it, also pack socks and mittens. Similarly, for colder weather or areas with air-conditioning, also pack jacket and blanket as well.

The partner’s hospital bag

The partner’s hospital bag is optional, but it might help if the stay and the distance to the hospital is long. It would be helpful to pack the phone, charger, change of clothes, water, snacks, some toiletries.

The mother’s hospital bag

While these are mere suggestions, they are a helpful point to start from. You can then customize as per your needs.


Having your documents sorted is the most important thing. Alongside keeping your medical files, you should also pack all respective documents like your ID, insurance card, any paperwork that your hospital requires you to carry. Make sure to keep a file sorted and ready.


Even though the hospital will most likely provide you with some bedding, you might not want to use their things. So, it might help to carry your own pillow, comforter etc.


Pack a change of clothing. It is important that you pack spares. Since post labor, your body undergoes a lot of changes, it is better if you pack something comfortable.

Since you might have to feed the baby, it is better you pack something like a button-down so that the access is easier. You should pack extras of nursing bras and panties. As you can have leaky breasts, it might also help to invest in and pack some breast pads as well.

For your comfort, it might also help to pack night suits as they are more comfortable. If you are planning to nurse and know people will be coming over, you might also want to pack a scarf or any modesty shield. Don’t also forget to get some socks if the weather calls for it.

Hygiene and personal items

Keep handy pads and get the ones with extra absorbency and bigger size since the flow is greater at the beginning after the labor. Since the vagina is rather sore, tampons and menstrual cups cannot be used in this time.

Moreover, as you might have to stay at the hospital or might want to bathe, also pack your towel, shampoo, conditioner, and deodorant. If you consider your shower gel and facewash to be important, pack those along as well.

You might also need to pack your moisturizer, makeup, hairbrush alongside too. Since lips can become dry, it’s suggested you also pack a lip balm.

Other essentials

You should ideally pack your phone and charger as well. Have a comfortable pair of shoes like a flip-flop would be helpful as well. You might also need more food; the one provided by the hospital might not be enough.

You might also need to pack your medication if your gynecologist in Islamabad has allowed them for use after labor.

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