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Why Updating Your Swimming Pool Is A Good Idea

Pools are one of the hardest things to take care of in a house. They need care, maintenance, and chemicals all the time. Even with this, they will need to make big changes every so often to keep the pool looking good and keep water damage to a minimum. So, for practical and aesthetic reasons, pools are often redone.

People usually make changes during a swimming pool renovation that have to do with the drainage, fixing or replacing old fixtures, and often the way the pool looks. Most upgrades that look good are also useful. For example, wooden decks can rot and will need to be replaced at some point (whether that is for newer timber or a different material entirely).

Pool Surrounds

Poured concrete is often used to make pool decks because it lasts a long time. However, there are many other options. There are many different colours, shapes, and textures of pool tiles. Sandstone is also a popular choice for pool coping, but because it’s porous, some people aren’t sure if it’s a good choice. Decks made of treated wood are also common, and vinyl is getting more attention as a great waterproof material for in-ground swimming pools and the seating in them.

Pool Surfaces

Renovations to the pool area like rendering, tiling over pebblecrete, resurfacing and painting pebblecrete, and installing fully tiled pools are very hard for people who have never done them before. Consider looking for professionals in your area and getting multiple quotes. In big cities like Brisbane or Sydney, you’ll have a lot of options. Think about brands like Pools Plus Fibreglass, Luxapool, or Quartzon that are well-known.

Costs of Pool Renovations

Having a pool will probably make your home worth more. A custom-sized pool will likely add between $100,000 and $200,000 to the price of the house as a whole. A pool that was just fixed up will add even more. Keep in mind that the type and quality of the pool matter a lot here. An above ground pool probably won’t add any value to a home’s resale price at all. The more money you put into fixing up your pool, the more likely it is that you can sell it for more. Find out about the different kinds of pools and how much they are likely to sell for here.

An in-ground spa is another common addition to a home that has been remodelled. A spa is seen as a sign of luxury, so a spa that is easy to take care of can be a huge selling point. Even if you don’t plan to sell, a spa is a great addition to a pool because it gives you a place to relax and unwind no matter what time of year it is.

Pools are known to be pricey. Even small pools can cost tens of thousands of dollars. In the same way, it can cost a lot to fix up a pool. Most large pools cost between $10,000. The pool repair will cost $20,000.00. But try to think about this in terms of how much it would cost to build a new pool or to get rid of an old one. When planning a pool renovation, the budget is one of the most important things to think about. It will affect how big the renovation is (light, moderate, or extensive), how many things can be done, and the quality of the materials.

Here are four examples of pool renovations, including concrete pool renovations and different modern in-ground pool renovations.

Makeovers of pools to give you ideas for swimming pool renovations: Four pictures of in-ground pools before and after they were fixed up

Renovations to local pools

This pool’s original look was completely gone after it was fixed up. It hadn’t been painted in ten years, and the edge made of Pebblecrete was cracked, faded, and dirty. Cracks were fixed, waterline tiles were laid around the pool and painted with Poolside Paving paint, the inside of the swimming pool shell was painted with Epoxy paint to keep it looking new, and LED lights were put in. This renovation completely changed how the pool looked and how it worked. Three coats of long-lasting PoolSide Paving paint will help the pool last for many years to come.

Personality at the pool

This built-in pool lacked personality, as seen on the popular home improvement show. Changing the design to a curved pool made the pool feel more fun and like it was made for the family that would be using it. Shaped pools have a beauty that you can’t miss. Changing the shape of your pool is hard, and renovations for a kidney-shaped pool are likely to cost more than cosmetic changes, but it may be worth it for the way it looks.

Backyard Oasis

Before the renovation, this pool was dark and unusable. It was featured on the home improvement show America’s Most Desperate Landscape, where the host, Jason Cameron, looks for and fixes up the worst houses in the country. After the pool was fixed up, the backyard became a big, open space great for garden parties and having fun by the pool. The newly remodelled pool is clean and stylish, with a fully tiled poolside that has a water feature and an inviting pergola.

Natural and lush: Indoors Out

Indoors Out, a popular home improvement show on HGTV, showed how the whole backyard was changed. As part of the change, a beautiful water feature with a natural planting bed was added. This is a great addition to the home, which is in the middle of a natural forest. A planting bed helps a pool blend in with the landscape around it, making it look like it belongs to the natural world. A cabana was added to the pool for adults, guests, and storage.

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