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NetBaseQuid is one of the renowned social media tools. It is an intelligent platform for consumers and the market, providing dependent insights to unveil business trends. It also enables businesses to connect with customers, as well as grasp the concepts behind competitors and the market.

Notably, it relies on artificial intelligence (AI) to process vast indexed resources across all forms of unstructured and structured data. The platform relies on advanced AI to promote a brand and consulting services to consumers to make ideal, data-driven decisions more accurately. It also accomplishes the same quickly and efficiently.

What’s more, the platform is a partner to many companies, including Coca-Cola, United Airlines, American Airlines, T-Mobile, Walmart, The New York Times, and Microsoft, among others. It also supports a wide range of languages – up to 96.

Key Features

NetBaseQuid has a wide range of features, which promote social media analytics. Here are some of the most reliable features of the platform.

  • Real-time data updates
  • Influencer marketing
  • Triggered alerts
  • Competitor analysis
  • Emailing reports automatically
  • News and media analysis
  • Sentiment scoring
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Report exporting
  • Easy non-boolean topic builder
  • Reviewers rate implementation

Who Benefits Most From NetBaseQuid?

The platform comes with many features that prove effective for brands, especially when it comes to analyzing the market and competitors. NetBaseQuid is commonly used by mid-sized companies with between 51 and 1,000 employees. It is also quite popular among enterprises that have over 500 staff members.

The platform provides users with numerous ways, through which they can analyze the data. NetBaseQuid mostly benefits brands that have in-depth training in what it provides. Besides, it has an unlimited number of themes and topics, which allow you to get creative and obtain deeper insights.

Moreover, it has widgets that provide users with excellent ways to scope and assess both in-depth and top-line insights. Additionally, the topic tuner and GUI Boolean setup allow you to set up a high frequency of queries seamlessly and eliminate the noise in the data set.

Why Should You Consider this Platform?

Currently, the business environment is quite competitive and fast-paced. Therefore, you’ll need a tool that allows you to analyze data effectively as well as correlate it to your business and marketing strategies. Using such a tool not only promotes business success but also puts you miles ahead of your competition.

NetBaseQuid partners with numerous brands – all of which are notable in the market. Most of these agencies and brands rely on the data generated through artificial intelligence to boost their growth over the years. Companies that don’t adopt such social media tools end up struggling compared to those that do.

By adopting NetBaseQuid, businesses empower themselves to make smarter, data-driven decisions. The platform generates this data quickly and efficiently, ensuring you have billions of data accessible at your fingertips to answer some of the most crucial business queries.

When a business has artificial intelligence to analyze the market and consumers, it’ll have a better understanding of a specific set of customers. The data set ranges from social media, product reviews, consumer reviews, blog posts, forums, and news articles, among others.

Additionally, businesses can rely on the data provided to better understand a specific industry or competitor. You can use the platform to obtain company profiles, academic papers, social media, patent applications, job site reviews, news articles, and much more.

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