Little Known Tips to Make Your Life Better Online

Life Better Online

The Internet has turned out to be the greatest innovation of the 21st century. It has made things a lot easier than they were before. Users get almost every kind of information and the means to acquire more information that is available online. This is as easy as performing something using just a keystroke.

Users today love to connect and interact with each other, carry out business activities online, get an education, and look for entertainment online. But there are some little-known tips and tricks that help make things a lot easier for us and make our lives better and easier online. Also, these tips and tricks can keep you secure from frauds, hack attempts, and any kind of legal and social problems online. Here are a few things that might help you as well:

Remote Logging Out from Facebook

If you were using Facebook on a friend’s device or a device that you might own and all of a sudden it strikes your head that you have forgotten to log out of the device, don’t worry at all. It is quite simple to remotely log out of your profile in a bit. You can go to “Settings” then by looking at the right-hand corner of the screen, use the drop-down there and go to “Security”, and look for “When You’re Logged in”. Here you can choose to log off any open session wherever or on whatever device it will be running.

Searching Via Incomplete Phrases

It becomes quite tough to look for quotes, images, a phrase, or anything when you remember only a part of them. You can use a Google Search trick that only a few people know about. Doing so can make it easier to identify incomplete phrases and related stuff. You can search for such items easily by adding up an asterisk where the quoted sentence is. This indicates that a word or a group of words is missing. This increases the chances that the term that you are looking for will be returned.

Soft Blocks on Twitter

Twitter provides users with a good function of actually soft blocking an individual. This enables users to keep following you and at the same time, it hides your tweets and retweets from your timeline. Therefore, it doesn’t offend anybody where you are not entirely blocking them or unfollowing them at the same time. People are not notified or they don’t know when you mute them.

Looking for Open Internet Connections

You shouldn’t always have to pay to get internet connectivity. To save more on your internet bills my practice was to take up RCN Internet services. One of the reasons to recommend RCN internet is the different deals and packages offered by them. Also, they are providing services to almost everywhere in America.

So the next time you visit a nearby restaurant, look out for RCN Internet near you. You can also find some other free and open internet connections and use the internet without worrying about any internet data caps or anything else. Be careful about the security issues that sometimes come with the package when you use open internet connections.

Have a Positive Online Presence

This applies to both businesses and individuals. For instance, if you are an individual user, anything you post should not be plagiarized or has abusive or offending content. This is important because it might create a negative impact on the well-being of your friends on the list and your own well-being. Also, you should adhere to the community guidelines and standards of the social media platform you are using.

Likewise, if you are a business, you should be responsible enough not to propagate an idea or a slogan that has a negative impact. Brands today, lay great stress on keeping in mind people of different religions and ethnic backgrounds. Be polite, compassionate, and careful with your social media marketing campaigns

Be Responsible Online

In the current digital age, there are so many sources of getting and providing information. To provide information and share content with others, you can use social and other digital media, different apps where you can upload audio/visual content, and so on. When you are using these mediums, you are supposed to make sure you are not getting your personal space violated or hurt by people who are around you. Many individuals, businesses, and law enforcement agencies are very particular about anything you post on your social media, blogs, and so on.

A good idea is to make sure that you know what you are posting and that you are using a credible source of information when sharing something using your account. If you are not able to take this seriously, you can get yourself in trouble with people responsible to face grievances at work, on social media, and even legal actions. Think twice and thrice before you post something as this can have consequences for you.

Look Out Before You Use Installed Apps and Tools

There are so many apps and games that you can easily find on the App Store and the Google Play Store. to get the maximum protection from such tools, you have to understand what features they perform and get an idea about their settings as well.

For Instance, if you are downloading an Antivirus on your phone or any other device, you must know about the features they offer and so on. There are so many antivirus tools that can repel Potentially Unwanted Applications or PUAs that are not exactly malware but do not have a benefit to offer. You can check the detection settings and make sure that they are providing you with the functions that they are supposed to perform.


The idea at the end of the day is to save money and effort and increase efficiency. You can achieve all of this while you are staying connected to the Internet. You can also look out for different Internet hacks, tips, and tricks by having a look at the different blogs, tutorials, and videos on YouTube as well. You can use this information to make your life easy at home, school, work, and even for recreation, etc.

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