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Saving is all that we need for your home phone, TV, and Internet packages. But the question is how? And that’s what this blog is all about. We have lined up the simplest and quickest tips to help you in handling your monthly costs against all these services. Believe us you are going to get the best answers for how to cut down your cost of having cable TV, home phone, and internet connection today.

But before we jump into the best options that you are about to explore, you need to understand one essential tip that will change your life. When you begin your hunt for the best cable TV, internet and phone offers, you should clear your head about your requirements beforehand. This is an important step because if you don’t understand what you really want, you won’t be able to get satisfied with anything.

So, without any further due let’s get started.

Analyze What You’re Paying For

Yes! You read it right. Does it make any sense to pay for food you have not eaten? Of course not, the same goes for paying for a list of channels, contents, internet speed, download speed, upload speed, talk times, or other services that you are either completing or partially not using.

Neither you nor your family must be watching the entire list of premium or other channels every day, working on the fastest internet speed every day, playing online games all the time, and sending or downloading emails, files, documents, photos, assignments, making nationwide or international calls and else all day. Then why are you paying for all these services?

Simply go through your extended list of channels to pin out the channels you and your family don’t watch at all, watch once in a blue moon, watch daily and then remove all channels subscriptions leaving out just the couple of channels that comes under regularly watch.  Follow the same trick for identifying other useless services you are paying for in your TV and home phone package like caller ID, Call waiting, Voicemail, or else. It will remarkably contribute to lower down your monthly bill.

For the internet package, you need to reevaluate your household internet need. Make a list of your entire household’s online activities, the number of smart devices, smart home appliances, and users connected to your internet connection, and data usage. You can also check out how frequently or moderately your family or you are involved in online activities.

Is there any hard-core gamer in your home, a person working remotely, or a student taking daily online classes? Then compare this list with your current internet package and discuss it with your ISP to find whether you have the right package or if there is something you are paying for extra. If you find something extra remove it from your internet package right away.

However, if there is a need of moving to some larger internet speed tier package that will free you from the outrage of data or low-speed issues at a reasonable price go for it. Because sometimes data outage is also a major reason for the increase in monthly bills and it can be avoided by moving to an unlimited data package.

Cutback Your Subscription

If you are not willing to quit any of the packages or services you can try out the trick of scaling up your current home phone, internet, and TV plan to cut down some costs. Thoroughly check out your monthly bill to find out the service you are paying for and the amount against each of it. Then find out what perks are extra for you and you are paying for unnecessarily. Once got your list talk to your ISP and remove all those services without wasting any moment. This trick will cut down your monthly bill cost significantly without losing your home phone, internet, and a TV package.

Bundle Your Plans

It is the best trick for not only cutting down costs but also for facilitating users with ultimate convenience. Acquiring a home phone, cable TV, and internet connection from one provider will bring you many complimentary services for free and prevent you from countless additional charges. So, try to find the best bundle package at your existing ISP or search for the provider in your area where you can make the best use of the bundling trick.

Are you an E-reader?

If you are a book worm and have adopted the habit of e-reading then you can fulfill your need in a cost effective manner. E-books has gained a prominent place in the past few years where according to The Pew Research Center, every 3 in 10 Americans now prefers to read e-books rather than going for the traditional printed copies. The best way to satisfy your craving for reading you can visit your nearest public library which are offering e-books to e-readers for free. You can use the internet connection of such libraries to browse freely. However, don’t forget to take your headphones with you.

Inspect Your Home Phone

Think twice do you need to have a home phone connection? Especially when every member of your family has smartphones and even your relatives living in the country or abroad use smartphones or apps like WhatsApp, Skype, or many others. If you can talk with your friends and family via smartphone applications then it does not make any sense to even have a landline connection at all.

For instance, if you still want to have a landline connection then evaluate whether or not you or your family need to have services like voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, and else? You can easily drop down a couple of dollars by just removing all or any of these services. So, think about it.

Check Your Billing Method

Post-pay billing method may put users into trouble as it does not restrict your talk time for nationwide and international calls. This freedom to talk anywhere without thinking about the talk time limit make you or your family overlook the cost of adding to a monthly bill for every single call. Plus, you have to pay additional fees and taxes as well.

However by adopting the prepay billing method you cannot only restrict your family to avail of the limited talk time but will also prevent yourself from paying extra money by the end of every month. Similarly, you can try out the calling card method as it also helps you in controlling your monthly home phone costs. Particularly, when you have multiple users at home or sharing a common phone with your roommate or else this technique is the best means for paying only for the calls you make.

In a Nut Shell

All these tricks will however take some of your time but you will get outstanding results for sure. The money you save on your home phone, cable TV, and an internet connection can be used for other important things. So, evaluate each of the aforementioned tactics to find the right one that will work for you in making significant savings every month.

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