6 Must-Try CBD Vape Juices Of 2022

CBD Vape Juice

Many CBD devotees choose CBD vape juice over conventional tinctures. We have compiled a list of the top 6 CBD vape juice products and a helpful guide. There is a significant possibility that you have heard about cannabidiol (CBD). CBD, a naturally occurring substance in cannabis plants, offers many potential health advantages but none of THC’s more well-known cousin’s psychoactive properties.

The majority of individuals utilize it as CBD oil. You can vape CBD, however. This approach has several benefits, including quick results, mouthwatering tastes, and the straightforward enjoyment of blowing substantial vapor clouds. You require vape equipment and CBD e-juice to vape CBD. But choosing a high-quality CBD e-juice that is perfect for you might be challenging, given the abundance of brands on the market.

We examined a wide range of CBD vape oils available on the market by considering their formula, third-party testing, hemp quality, pricing, strength choices, and other variables to simplify your search.

What Is Vaping CBD Oil?

A CBD-based liquid that can vaporize is called CBD vape oil. When heated with a vape device, this liquid—also known as CBD e-juice and e-liquid—produces an inhalable vapor. Inhaling CBD in this manner allows you to experience its benefits right away.

Three components are commonly present in CBD vape oils:

  • CBD (pure cannabidiol extract)
  • Flavoring
  • Carrier substances
  • Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

However, other products utilize substitutes, including TEC temper or coconut MCT oil.

Vape devices with refillable tanks or cartridges may fill up with CBD vape oil. That implies that using it will need a different vape device.

6 Must-Try CBD Vape Juices Of 2022

1. CBDfx

Arguably the most well-known and reputable CBD company in the US is CBDfx. CBDfx sources its CBD from Kentucky-grown organic hemp. Comprehensive third-party testing is conducted on its products to verify their potency and safety, and the findings are immediately available on CBDfx’s website.

CBDfx is consistently a top choice for the most acceptable CBD vape oil. The business provides three different vape e-juice formulations: terpene-infused, ordinary, and full-spectrum compounds. Regular CBD e-juice comes in nine delicious flavors and contains 1000 mg of isolated CBD in VG/PG. It is in 30 ml bottles with a protective lid and a tight hole that is ideal for vaping.

Meanwhile, the terpene-based CBD vape juice has four potential cannabis terpene mixes and 500 mg of pure CBD, which adds taste and potential advantages. Last but not least, the CBD oil vape additive offers a 10 ml container containing 60-500 mg of CBD in VG/PG. It mixes well with already-made vape juice. Given that it comprises the whole spectrum of phytocannabinoids and advantageous hemp chemicals, this recipe is perfect for folks who wish to get the most advantages from vaping CBD.

2. Savage CBD E-Liquid

California-based Savage CBD was established in 2015 and offered various CBD products. It obtains its CBD from hemp organically produced in Wisconsin, Oregon, Colorado, and, in certain circumstances, Europe.

This brand is a terrific choice for vaping items if you want a wonderful-tasting vape e-liquid. The business offers vape juice in nine tantalizing flavors: driven, Fiji melons, hustling, kiwi dragon fruit, passion, calm, tranquil, straw manners, and vape shot. Each flavor combines many components for a distinctive flavor. Additionally, Savage CBD delivers through third-party lab test reports of its goods.

Contrarily, the majority of rival companies provide tastes with only one component. This vape oil’s flavor and pure CBD dissolve in VG/PG according to its usual recipe. Three CBD concentrations, 8.3 mg/ml, 16.7 mg/ml, and 33 mg/ml, are available, ranging from low to medium (1000 mg).

3. Vaping CBDistillery Juice

A premier CBD brand known for its honesty, quality, and affordability, CBDistillery was established in 2016 in Colorado, the epicenter of the US hemp industry. The hemp used by CBDistillery comes from Colorado organic farmers nearby. An impartial third-party lab does comprehensive testing on its goods to certify their dependability and quality.

Having Hemp Authority Certification, a scheme that mandates adhering to rigid hemp production requirements, also makes CBDistillery stand apart. The business sells CBD e-liquid made from broad-spectrum extract, which also includes terpenes, other healthy chemicals, and numerous hemp phytocannabinoids (apart from THC).

The effects of this kind of extract are more potent than those of pure CBD alone. The e-liquid is present in 30 ml plastic bottles suitable for vaping and contains 500mg or 1000mg of CBD dissolved in a VG/PG mixture. It comes in four enticing flavors. Additionally, the vape juice from CBDistillery is relatively inexpensive.

4. Natural Hemp

A wide range of CBD offerings, including edibles, tinctures, topicals, pills, and vape formulations, are available from Pure Hemp in California. Its organic hemp is grown in Colorado, and all its products have third-party lab profile test results posted by the firm. For two reasons, pure hemp is among the most effective choices for the most refined CBD vape oil.

First, it has a potency of 50 mg/ml, regarded as high. Second, the firm provides a full-spectrum mix, so in addition to CBD, you also get other terpenes, phytocannabinoids, and helpful substances. There are four distinct tastes plus a standard pure CBD version of Pure Hemp’s CBD vape e-liquid. It employs a typical VG/PG ratio.

5. Koi CBD E-liquid

Koi CBD is a company that was founded in 2015 and offers a wide selection of CBD products. They go through thorough third-party testing and originate from American organic hemp. Every product page has access to the tests’ findings. Koi has earned goodwill as a renowned premium CBD vape oil supplier over the last five years.

Koi CBD is attractive if you seek efficient, easy CBD e-juice from a reliable supplier. It is made with a typical VG/PG foundation and is available in seven delectable flavors. The three low-to-medium CBD levels of Koi’s CBD vape juice are 250–1000 milligrams of pure CBD in every 30 ml container.

CBD Vape Juice

6. Blue Moon Hemp

One of the first American companies to provide high-quality e-juice to the market was Blue Moon Hemp, founded in 2015. Due to its expertise and favorable client feedback, it is still a well-liked choice today. The hemp used in Blue Moon Hemp’s products is organic hemp that originates in Kentucky. It has five distinct tastes and comprises VG/PG. A 30 ml bottle of the company’s CBD vape oil contains 1000mg of CBD and has a moderate CBD concentration of 33.3/ml.

The Function of CBD Vape Oil

Vaping CBD e-liquid causes the vapor to be absorbed by the lungs and enter your bloodstream quickly. From there, it communicates with many bodily systems, including the endocannabinoid system. Because of this, you may immediately feel its effects.


Vaping CBD is most often used for its relaxing, decreased anxiety and tension, pain treatment, increased mood, and ease in falling asleep benefits. The benefits of CBD e-liquid vaping are immediate, making it unique. The effects and advantages of CBD vape oil are comparable to those of other CBD products.

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